Shooting photographs at theatres is one of the top challenging jobs for any photographer as you need top skill and concentration to take snaps in every situation – no matter it’s a low light performance or a stage show with dazzling flashlights.

Thanks to our highly skilled creative photographers that we have gathered huge success in all our theatre projects. During our long tenure of the business, we have worked for several organizations and all have appreciated our quality of work. Here are some of our latest works.

Residential Theatre Workshop_1             Residential Theatre Workshop_2  Residential Theatre Workshop_3  Residential Theatre Workshop_4    Residential Theatre Workshop_5  Residential Theatre Workshop_4                Rudra Prasad Sengupta                        Swati Lekha Sengupta                        043 Debasis Majumdar                      Bibhas Chakraborty                        042 Meghnad Bhattacharya                        Bibhas Chakraborty,Meghnad Bhattacharya,Debasis Majumdar & Anish Ghosh