Coffee Table Book

Every Wedding Photo Album should be special and we would like to be a part of making the same for you.Undoubtedly, your wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life. No matter how many pictures we take on that day, the final figure always feels less. But then, if your wedding would be unlike anyone else’s, then why should your wedding album be generic? Now, you can treasure your wedding memories and pictures in a beautiful album with the professional touch of BACKDROP team.
Standard Flat
Going a long way in preserving fond memories, photographs capture perfect moments that need to be stored and savored every once in a while. The best way of retaining them is by investing in Photo Books. All your lovely photographs (and the wonderful memories that make up those pictures) can be retained in photo-books—attractive products that give you a comforted feeling that your pictures are safe and sound.

At BACKDROP, we take pride in offering Premium Photo Books that are very elegant and can be customised to suit your requirements. You can use them as your Wedding Photo Album, a Birthday album or a place where you can keep all the pictures from an amazing Vacation with Family or Friends. Very light in weight, they come with an easy to carry case and promise to be with you for along long time.

Absolute Lay Flat
Don’t you just hate it when a part of your favourite picture gets lost in the binding area of the photo album? The beauty of panoramic photographs can get compromised if regular photo albums are used for their protection. There are many pictures that need to be viewed in a seamless manner. This is why you need to consider Absolute Flat Photo books. These photo books are quite innovative in nature and offer completely new experiences of viewing pictures.

The secret lies in the binding technology that is used for crafting flat photo books at BACKDROP. We offer hinged pages that allow every page to lie completely flat when opened. All pictures can be enjoyed panoramically, without losing any part of the same. Now, you may like to choose all your favourite pictures, irrespective of their sizes and resolutions, and make them a part of flat photo books. Apart from offering the much needed “BACKDROP WOW factor”, you can let your viewers see all that you tried capturing in your pictures.